Okalan 8 Color Matte Eyeshadow Palette A

We are loving the Versace-meets-butterfly-acid-trip vibes of this packaging.

The box stands about 3/4" high and opens to a sunken 8-pan shadow. Inside you'll find a framed mirror and overall it has a nice weight, giving off the illusion of expensive while keeping your bank far from broken. 

The buildable shades come in a range of earthy tones: Filter, a cornflower sky blue; Marsh, a soft sage green; Mustard, a mustard; Jam a pumpkin-meets-brick orange; and Mud, that looks like, well, mud.  

Also don't take the name Matte Eyeshadow too literally, it also features Pigeon, a shimmery green-black, Fly, a shimmery white gold, and Boot, an opaque black with flecks of blue sparkle. 

This palette is an incredible deal, looks good on a vanity, and even has a sister(who doesn't love a set?)! For more deliciousness, please see Palette B

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