Metallic Shimmers by Focallure

Dipping your toes into the cream based eyeshadow pool? Then this is the perfect starter palette for you. Didn't know that was a pool you could dip into? Even better.

7 of the 18 shades are cream-based powder shadows, aka they are pigmented as hell. We're talking opaque metallic at one swipe pigmented. Buttery to the touch and long lasting, the top row alone makes this palette worth buying.

The rest of the 11 shades are buildable, lightweight mattes which, in our opinion, are the best type of shades to build and blend with. With a mix of berries and neutrals, they may not be as strong as the creamy metals, but valued nonetheless. 

Shade Roll Call:

Metallics: Dubai, a blinding metallic eggplant, Ruby a gleaming rosy mauve; Goldmine straight up platinum gold; Rose Gold, which is much more rose than gold; Salmon, which is much more gold than salmon; Garnet, which should have been named pale-baby-spice-disco-pink; and Brown Gold, which is pretty self explanatory.  

Mattes: Wine, a soft cabernet; Pink, a bubblegum bright; Bubble Gem, not sure what they were going for here but its pale pink; Bisque, like the pancake mix; Moonlight, pearlescent white; Carbon, a black that is as dark as a Sunday morning hangover; Copper Rose, a dusty brown; Toffee, this is actually mauve; Terracotta, finally something named accurately; Indian Red, a bright, vibrant red; Salmon, wait what? 2 shades named Salmon? Who did this? Also it's pale peach. 

Happy blending! 

    For just $6 more you can bundle it with the best selling Beauty Creations "Tease Me" Palette here .

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