Tease Me by Beauty Creations

Tease Me by Beauty Creations


Going on a date or maybe shopping around for one? Enter, your new best friend: the Tease Me eyeshadow palette. 

The 18 berry, nude and golden tones feature 6 insanely pigmented metallic shimmers that boast names like Sexy, Lust, and Please Me. Aptly named, the swatch color payoff is orgasm inducing. The matte shade however, swatch on pretty light, so definitely be ready to build and blend for all kinds of dreamy, Claire-Danes-as-Juliet level of romance, looks.

Shade Roll Call:

Shimmers: Sexy, a Beyonce's-skin toned copper; Tempting a buttery smooth, ultra rich metallic red; Please Me, a pink hued metallic red that will make your heart skip a beat; Classy, a champagne gold; Lust, a Barbie doll pale pink sparkle. 

Mattes: Lies, a pale nude; Blissfull a tawny nude; Pleasure, a flushed peach brown; Kiss Me, a softly shimmered gold; Innocent, a warm nude (usually warm nudes are not so innocent, ha); Fire, a shimmery purple-pink magenta; Orgasm, a pale dusty pink; Charming, an ashy brown; Nudes, a pink nude; Seduce Me, a honey toned tan; Peaches, a pinkish peach; Desire a muted mauve. 

For just $9 more you can add the amazing Beauty Glazed 10 Pressed Glitters Palette here .

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