2 FOR $25: I Got You & 15 Glitter

2 FOR $25: I Got You & 15 Glitter

$25.00 $30.00

Two of our most popular palettes make up this 2 FOR $25 Bundle Deal. 

Get 15 shades of glitter powder pressed to perfection with our Beauty Glazed 15 Shade Glitter Palette. The color is very sparkly & gorgeous and the powder isn't loose.  Suitable for eyes, lip, cheek and suitable for all skin types. 

The second product in this bundle is our Beauty Glazed 18 Color Metallic & Matte Palette. 

This eyeshadow is very pigmented and very easy to apply which keep your perfect eyeshadow makeup for a long time.  Perfect for professional smoky eyes makeup, wedding makeup, party makeup or casual makeup. The metallic and matte colors perfectly compliment the glittery shades of the glitter palette for dramatic looks. 

Limited time only.


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